Meet the Fellows: John Price


Defined by Webster’s as “the opening that a door closes; especially: an entrance.”  Life is really a series of doorways or choices.  Many of us are defined by our best and worst choices.  They can be shining accomplishments or haunt our dreams.

Door Way #1.  On Sept. 11th, 2001 I watched with wide ranging emotions from surprise, anger and finally settling on resolve.  The only way to make an immediate impact and get involved was to try out for and ultimately become a member of US Special Operations.

Door Way #2.  As a young Green Beret, trying to explain the digital world to an analog Army was a challenge.  After arguing for and hand running the first and only fiber optic line in the Green Zone (which they said couldn’t be done), we ran up against a Contracting Officer, who instructed me that I would  have limit my leaders' connectivity do due government contracting issues.  No..So I set out to fix government technology acquisition.

Door Way #3.  Understanding Silicon Valley and Washington DC will allow you to make an impact.  The degree of that impact will depend on the access you have to decision makers.  We as taxpayers deserve the best technology at the best price.  Then, I ran across TechCongress.  

We face a lot of challenges in our society today.  Context comes not just from research but experience as well.  Experience can add to understanding.  Our lives are defined by a series of choices, TechCongress opens the doorway for impact at the highest level, after that it’s up to you.