The TechCongress Congressional Innovation Fellowship received 213 applicants in just three weeks this October.  It's great evidence that there is a strong community of technologists enthusiastic about helping modernize Congress.  

Unfortunately, we only have three spots for our first fellowship class. But a fellowship is just one way to harness the talent the community of forward-thinking, pragmatic and engaged technologists like you.  

We are looking at how we can use the talent of our applicants to modernize Congress through a Congressional Innovation Corps.  The Corps will be an informal community of technologists that exist to advise Congress about complex technology policy issues.  How the Corps will be organized and engage with Congress are still open questions.  

Please take a moment to share your feedback about the fellowship application process and thoughts about how we might build an effective Congressional Innovation Corps. 

Leave your name and email below if you are interested in staying informed about the Congressional Innovation Corps (OPTIONAL)