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Nate Wilkins

As a Navy SEAL and Information Systems Technician, Nathan Wilkins became a Technical Subject Matter Expert in his 11 years of Active Duty. His prior experience as an Information Technician with the conventional Navy led him to understand advanced technical concepts in all areas of offensive and defensive information warfare. As a Department Head in Weapons, Logistics, Intelligence, and Communications, this "jack-of-all-trades" experience led him to become a well-rounded Warfighter with three tours in the Pacific. His most notable deployment experiences are in Presidential Protection and multiple Joint Combined Exercises. In his last days on active duty, he became a Tactical and Technical Liaison between Future Warfighter Technology Concepts and Tactical Communications departments. He is transitioning off Active Duty and into a role with the Congressional Innovational Fellowship. He is delighted to continue to serve his Country in this role.

Nate is serving the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Minority staff, supporting on technology and cybersecurity issues.