Nominate a candidate to the Congressional INNOVATION Fellowship!  

Technology is the infrastructure of daily life, touching every issue before Congress.  Yet at our best count, of the 3,500 legislative staff in the House and the Senate, there are only seven staffers with any formal technical training.  Without expertise within the halls of Congress, Members and staff rely on lobbyists and interest groups for advice.  We can and must do better.  

You can help.  Nominating a friend, family member or colleague will show them that you think they have what it takes to help bring our government into the 21st century.  Nominees will also gain access to exclusive events and trainings with some of the country's top technology leaders.  

TechCongress will email nominees to let them know they have been nominated for the Congressional Innovation Fellowship, and include instructions about how to apply for the program. 

We'll also connect nominees to a community of like-minded tech leaders and exclusive TechCongress events.  

Nominate a leader for the Congressional Innovation Fellowship now! 

Nominations are open to everyone, but if you nominate a woman, underrepresented person of color, person with a disability, or veteran for the Congressional Innovation Fellowship, and they apply, are accepted, and join the program as a fellow, we’re going to award you $500.  

You can learn more about our the award on our blog and our FAQs page.

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